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Hard Riders gets 5 Stars!

gold multitaskingmomma badgeMultitasking Momma gives the Hard Riders Anthology 5 Stars!

“Now, this is what you call an erotic, bad-ass anthology that actually works!

Clear Blue Sky turned out to be my favorite out of this trio of Hard Riders. The reason being not only for what you think but also because of what I learned after reading this little story that could.

I really liked Sky’s determination to get over his mistake of not being able to see logic and escape the brutality of an abusive relationship. He was caught in a trap but like any other victim, he did not know how to get out of it. When the chance came out of the blue, he took it and experienced freedom.

Task is the hard rider biker of our dreams and he is gentle as he is tough. His character is a beautiful juxtaposition of the ideal alpha male and the bad boy who skirts the law. He is respectful, kind, caring, a hard worker and just a good man. He is also a mean biker and can do some stuff us legal-minding folks would find uncomfortable.

Their story is a simple one, but it is HOT! When Duke comes in, this became an action-packed read that made me really want to join in the fun. When the guns were pulled out, all I could do was fist pump = I love action!”

Find the Hard Riders anthology here:

Or buy my story, Clear Blue Sky as a single here:

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Cameron’s Code and Peyton’s Pursuit on TB’s Bestseller List







Exciting to see two of my Kansas City Heat books on Totally Bound’s Bestseller list this week!

Find all the bestsellers here:



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VIP Download – Hard Riders Anthology

hardriders_200Now available for VIP download from Totally Bound. Three stories of hot bikers and the trouble they manage to get into…

Hard Riders

Jenna Byrnes, L.M. Somerton, Morticia Knight

Clear Blue Sky by Jenna Byrnes

Respect all, fear none is the Rebel Riders Motorcycle Club’s motto. Will the Riders step up when the Demon Outlaws go after one of their own?

Sky Warren doesn’t let the screen door smack him on the way out of Kansas. When his former abusive partner Duke is arrested for selling drugs, Sky takes off. He’s ready for a clean start and a change of scenery. Moving to Lakewood, Colorado, with his cousin and accepting a job in Billy’s bike shop seems like just what he needs to start over. In Billy’s riding club he meets Task Rivers, a handsome, sexy biker, and they hit it off immediately. Task is edgy, yet he shows Sky how a respectful and considerate man treats his partner. The two fall into a lusty, passionate relationship.

Death before dishonor. The Demon Outlaws have another way of looking at life. When Duke Lessing comes after Sky and is rebuffed, he joins the Outlaws in their troublemaking ways. With the Demons spoiling for a fight, Task calls on a few of the more hardcore Rebel Riders. As the night heats up, Sky is determined to avoid what seems like inevitable bloodshed. He wants to leave and lure the Demons away, but Task and the Rebel Riders have other ideas. Sky knows Duke doesn’t give up easily and learns that neither does Task, who’s fighting for what he wants. But will it be a fight to the death?


Mantrap by L.M. Somerton

Not all cages have bars.

The Wyverns Motorcycle Club has a reputation as fierce as its dragon emblem. Its enigmatic leader, Rogue Hellaby, has a police file so thick you could prop up a table with it. The qualifications for membership are a reckless disregard for authority and the attitude of a spitting cobra. But The Wyverns MC is not quite what it seems. All the riders have dubious histories in the military or the police—now they just serve and protect their own interests and those of Horatio Trap, the manipulative bastard who recruited them.

When Rogue receives an instruction to kidnap and hold hostage the son of a powerful drug lord, he doesn’t bat an eyelid. But Rogue has never had to deal with a captive like Orlando de la Pena. Orlando is furious—not because he’s being held prisoner, but because he’s prevented from partying at his favorite BDSM club. Rogue discovers that the only way to deal with Orlando is to become the Dom he so obviously needs. But Orlando’s father wants him back, and The Wyverns must face a battle that could cost them their lives.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.


Biking Bad by Morticia Knight

When Dylan, a young wannabe investigator, stumbles into the Mojave Sidewinder’s MC bar, he finds all kinds of trouble—especially in biker Luc ‘Zero’ Villarojas.

The Mojave Sidewinders is the largest gay MC club in Southern California. They’re also one-percenters, which makes them alluring to those looking for trouble and a danger to those making it. Luc ‘Zero’ Villarojas has been a brother ever since the club’s prez took him in as a runaway. At thirty-four years of age, he’s content to ride his hog, chase tail and run his tattoo and piercing parlor, Zero to Sixty.

Dylan has had to take care of himself since his aunt died when he was still a teen. Even though he’s barely twenty-two years old, the small spitfire has made his way in the world as best as he can and has even started his own would-be investigative agency. He’s proud of himself, even if his agency is on the edge of town in a ramshackle building.

Working his first big case involving a missing young man, Dylan barges into Road Rage, the Mojave Sidewinder’s exclusive bar, and starts asking questions. When it looks as though he’s about to get beaten up, a large, muscled biker covered in ink comes to his aid. Dylan’s incredibly attracted to him—even if Zero is pretty scary and Dylan’s still a virgin. But is there something Zero knows about the missing man that he’s hiding? And is Dylan in more danger than he realises?



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Jenna in BTS eMag ~ Music as Inspiration

Talking about music and inspiration at the BTS eMag. Have a look!




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Character Perspective with Nick Peyton (and Jenna Byrnes)

Nick Peyton of Peyton’s Pursuit stopped by Tori Carson’s blog recently for a character perspective interview. Please check it out.


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Jenna in Female First Magazine

Please have a gander at Jenna’s The Path To Here in Female First Magazine.




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Jenna answers Stupid Questions with Lucy Woodhull

Check our Miss Worded: Stupid Questions, SMH at Saints Edition with Jenna Byrnes!





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Cameron’s Code now in general release




Now available in general release ~ meaning you can find it not only at Totally Bound but also at Amazon, ARe, B&N and other ebook retailers.

Readers are saying:

I really enjoyed the story line – it was one that held my interest and made me think. I always enjoy a good mystery.” Reviewed by Inked Rainbow Reviews

Ms. Byrnes captivated my attention with sharp characters, easy banter and secondary characters which enhanced the overall flow of the book. Dean and Matt were open and desirable, qualities endearing to each other and this reader. Ms. Byrnes has found a new fan and I look forward to more books in the Kansas City Heat series.” Reviewed by Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews

I would definitely recommend reading this series. This book gives you everything you could possibly want in a great read. It gives you two very sexy men, men with badges and guns, suspense, a bit of mystery, a tingle of thriller, majorly hot sex, passionate touches, excitement, and lots of danger. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end.” Reviewed by MM Good Book Reviews

Find Cameron’s Code at Totally Bound here:

or at your favorite retailer.




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Three Things with Jenna Byrnes in the USA Today

I was featured along with two other authors in Friday’s USA Today with their “Three Things” Feature.  Check it out!


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